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EroSteel Launches New WebSite!...

EroSteel proudly presents a fresh new look, a user friendly interface with simple navigation tools for an enhanced user experience. Our new site design conveys a new Internet presence that meets the strategic objectives of improving the user experience, communicating the EroSteel brand, building customer and partner relationships, and establishing a solid foundation for future growth. The design and functionality of our new site provides a highly effective, intuitive user experience and information flow throughout. We hope you enjoy our new and improved Web site!

Montreal Gay Pride Festival...

Montreal's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered pride celebration! Over 1,200,000 participants at the events, 750,000 people at the parade, 90 community groups, 527,000 viewers on TV! Thank you all for celebrating with pride the richness of our differences and diversity. Fetish boutique 'IlBolero' proudly showcased our shiny stainless steel toys during the festival to wild crowd enthusiasm! We thank 'Il Bolero' and their staff for all their support.

Montreal is a city that is extremely open to difference and diversity, and, by extension, to gay and lesbian tourists. Our yearly Pride Celebration contributes to this welcoming atmosphere and helps make Montreal one of the most exciting cities in North America for all tourists!


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